Quick80 ‘Lite’ Available for Pre-Order

We’ve launched our online shop! You may now pre-order the Quick80 ‘Lite’.

The Quick80 ‘Lite’ is just like the Quick80 but without the rear side plates. ATF currently holds the position that the right rear side plate of the Quick80 is considered a firearm. We’re working with them on a way to offer the Quick80 with rear side plates but this process will take 6-9 more months.

Until then we’re offering the Quick80 ‘Lite’. You must fabricate the side plates yourself. The best method is a CNC router but it should be possible to cut them manually with a scroll saw and dremel.

We’re making available blank G10 plates that you can add to your order. The blank plates are large enough to make one side plate.

Each Quick80 ‘Lite’ order will also receive CAD files in .dxf and .stl formats available for download.